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Press Release

WTT Youth Contender Event: A Global Showcase of Table Tennis Talent Comes to 888 Table Tennis Center in the Bay Area

Burlingame, CA, May 13th, 2024 – The Bay Area, California, is set to host a thrilling spectacle of young table tennis talent as the World Table Tennis (WTT) Youth Contender Event descends upon the esteemed 888 Table Tennis Center. This event marks a significant moment in the global table tennis calendar, with competitors from 18 different countries converging to vie for top honors and coveted world rankings.

At the heart of this exhilarating event are homegrown sensations Nandan Naresh and Darryl Tsao, proudly representing the USA with unparalleled passion and dedication. Nandan Naresh expressed his excitement, stating, “I’m honored to represent my country on such a prestigious stage. The WTT Youth Contender Event at 888 Table Tennis Center is an incredible opportunity to showcase our skills and compete against top talent from around the world. I’m ready to give my all and make my country proud.”

Joining them is Kheith Cruz, the gold medalist in the U17 girls’ category at the 2023 US Open. As the Philippines’ top female player, Cruz is a formidable contender who adds an exciting international dimension to the competition as a proud member of Team 888. Cruz shared her enthusiasm, saying, “As a member of Team 888, I’m excited to compete in the WTT Youth Contender Event at 888 Table Tennis Center. It’s a privilege to represent both my country and our incredible training facility. I’m looking forward to playing hard and leaving everything on the table.”

The WTT Youth Contender Series stands as a beacon for burgeoning table tennis talents worldwide, providing a platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills on an international stage. More than just a competition, it symbolizes a celebration of the sport’s promising future, where emerging stars illuminate the arena and inspire audiences across continents.

Notably, the presence of world-ranked Anna Hursey from Wales adds her exceptional talent and determination embodying the allure of table tennis, transcending borders and uniting nations on the grand stage of sport.

Huifen Chan, Founder & President of 888 Table Tennis Center, remarked, “Together with USA Table Tennis, we are proud to host the WTT Youth Contender Event and welcome players from around the world to our facility. This event not only showcases the talent and dedication of these young athletes but also highlights the importance of international collaboration and sportsmanship. We are thrilled to provide a platform for the future stars of table tennis to shine and inspire others.”

Nestled in the vibrant Bay Area, 888 Table Tennis Center serves as the designated US national training facility, fostering the growth of table tennis talent and serving as the esteemed home of Team USA. With over 30,000 square feet of elite training conditions, our facility provides the perfect backdrop for athletes to hone their skills and pursue excellence in the sport they love.

Join us at 888 Table Tennis Center as we witness the future stars of table tennis compete at the highest level. For more information and updates, visit and immerse yourself in the excitement of the WTT Youth Contender Event.

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, May 19th – Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

Location: 888 Table Tennis Center, Burlingame, California

Time: See Event Schedule

Admission: $25 non-members, $15 members

About World Table Tennis (WTT):

World Table Tennis (WTT) is dedicated to elevating the sport of table tennis on a global stage, providing exciting opportunities for athletes to showcase their talents and compete at the highest level. Through innovative events and immersive experiences, WTT aims to captivate audiences worldwide and inspire the next generation of table tennis stars.

About 888 Table Tennis Center:

888 Table Tennis Center stands as the designated US national training facility and the esteemed home of Team USA. With state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to excellence, we provide athletes with the resources and support they need to excel in the sport of table tennis.