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Super 8s

SUPER 8s is a program designed by 888 Table Tennis coaches and leadership to teach children without any previous exposure to table tennis the principles of the sport and guide them through different levels until they have achieved the skill set of an intermediate level player (USATT ±250).

How does Super 8s work?

This program is divided into eight levels of difficulty. Every month, in the last 30 min of the class, there will be a testing time where kids can prove that they have the necessary skills to move up a level and work to gain all eight badges.

The kids will have three attempts per level and will receive their badge sticker immediately when they pass!

Each level consists of 2 components, coordination/ball handling skills and behind the table.


  • Footwork Coordination: speed ladder, jump rope, agility cones and other exercises that apply to the footwork that table tennis requires.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination Skills: balancing the ball on the paddle, walking with the paddle while balancing, etc.

With each completion of level the necessary skills become more and more advanced.


  • Learning how to serve
  • Aiming the ball
  • Playing basic backhand and forehand strokes
  • Certain footwork skills while playing

It starts simple with playing with the coach but after certain levels students will be required to play with each other in order to pass the exam.

The objective is to have our students complete to SUPER8’s program between 8-18 months. By this time even the most challenged learners should be able to complete the challenges that come with the highest difficulty level if they participate in enough hours and practice seriously enough during the lessons.

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LEVEL 1: We work on basic hand-eye coordination skills that are necessary for table tennis and we start with the beginning: serving.

Testing Requirements

  • Bouncing 10x with forehand (sequential)
  • Bouncing 10x with backhand (sequential)
  • Serving forehand, 7 successful serves out of 10 tries.

LEVEL 2: Students start learning a basic stroke upon which more advanced strokes are based: Backhand counter. We also level up with the skills while serving and focus on quicker hand eye-coordination and ball control.

Testing Requirements

  • Bouncing forehand/backhand 10x twice (sequential)
  • Backhand stroke introduction, 7 successful hits out of 10 tries
  • Forehand serve + specific placement, 7 successful serves out of 10 tries

LEVEL 3: We add on another foundational stroke, the forehand counter, and we will start working on moving the feet in combination to practicing the foundation strokes and our previously learned hand-eye coordination and ball control skills.

Testing Requirements

  • Forehand stroke 7 x 10
  • Backhand stroke 20 x moving center/corner
  • Forehand stroke 20x moving center/corner
  • Bouncing while walking

LEVEL 4: Students learn how to transition between Backhand and Forehand strokes, aim to a specific corner and how to
serve short and long on purpose.

Testing Requirements

  • Forehand/Backhand → Pivot + aim to corner
  • Forehand/Backhand sidestep shuffle
  • Forehand Serve short/long backhand/forehand + 5/7 serves required to make 4x

LEVEL 5: Students will be introduced to one of the most played drills in table tennis that proves to be useful for beginners all the way up to professional players: the Falkenberg-drill. In addition the students learn 2 new strokes: Forehand drive and Backhand block.

Testing Requirements

  • Backhand/Forehand pivot step around
  • Backhand-step around-middle
  • Backhand Serve
  • Forehand topspin drive/Backhand block

LEVEL 6: Students are introduced to a new stroke and spin: the under spin push and serve. In addition, they learn how to counter that spin by looping the ball.

Testing Requirements

  • Backhand-step around-forehand (Falkenberg drill)
  • Underspin backhand push
  • Underspin serve
  • Forehand topspin loop/forehand underspin loop
  • Backhand block/forehand block

LEVEL 7: Students will add the skill of looping on under spin balls with Backhand in addition to knowing how to do it with Forehand. Also, side spin serves will be added to their arsenal of serves.

Testing Requirements

  • Backhand loop
  • Backhand flip
  • Side spin serve
  • Backhand underspin push + aimed towards corners

LEVEL 8: In the last level of the Super 8’s program we will guide the students through the last of the necessary skills before they will be intermediate students and we introduce two intermediate drills in the curriculum as well.

Testing Requirements

  • Forehand flip
  • Forehand push
  • Backhand drive
  • Forehand push → backhand loop
  • Short serve → forehand loop


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