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High Performance Private Lessons

Looking for one-on-one training? 888 Table Tennis Academy has one of the best coaching teams in the country! Improve your game by booking private single or shared lessons with on of our coaches and see the difference in your game!

Maggie Tian

Maggie Tian

Maggie Tian was born in Dandong, China. She started to play table tennis at age of 6. She had been training and playing professionally since 9 years old before she retired from the Liaoning provincial team in 2008. Played in the Croatia League for a season before coming to the US in 2009 and has been coaching full-time since.

More About Maggie

As a player, Maggie won many medals. The most memorable one would be the Gold Medal at her very first US Open in 2010 where she won the U21 Women’s Singles.

Maggie’s passion and knowledge in coaching was quickly recognized in the US. She was selected as one of the US National Team Coaches in 2016. She has coached many US National Team members domestically and internationally. Her most proud achievement was at the 2017 ITTF World Cadet Challenge in Fiji where the US Cadet Girls’ Team won the Silver Medal – a record hasn’t been broken as of 2021.

Maggie does not just take coaching as a job, she enjoys it, too. She equally appreciates working with high level players as well as true beginners. Nothing makes her happier to see players improve.

$90/Session (55 mins)

$135/Session (85 mins)

or purchase a 10-pack of 55-minute lessons for $850

Alex Gomes

Alexandre Gomes, former coach of Olympian and World Ranked Top 20 player Aruna Quadri, lead the National Team of Peru as Head Coach for several years before coming to 888 TTC. A native of Madeira island, coach Alexandre represented the Portuguese National Team at several European Championships before starting his coaching career. Coach Alexandre was a professional player for several years and won several National titles as an athlete till he changed his profession and began to focus primarily on coaching, this time with the Regional Associations of Madeira.

More About Alexandre

Since then, coach Alexandre has established a reputation as a highly skilled and experienced international coach in Europe, Africa and South America, amassing coaching accomplishments like Gold at the European and African Championships. He has been a coach of several Olympians and also to Carlos Fernandez who was No 1 World Ranking in Under 15, in January 2019.Coach Alexandre believes in building strong and positive work relationships with his athletes while striving for common goals by modern training method. He is excited to meet and help players of all levels and skill sets at 888 Table Tennis.

$95/Session (55 mins)

$142/Session (85 mins)

or purchase a 10-pack of 55-minute lessons for $900

Zhou Xin

Zhou Xin is a professional table tennis player and a full-time coach with an impressive record in both endeavors. He was a member of the Chinese National Team from 2005 to 2008 of the USA team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. He also played in the professional leagues in China, Sweden, and Turkey. For his outstanding performance as coach, he was recognized as USATT’s coach of the year in 2012.

More About Zhou

Notable events and awards:

  • 2022 US Open Men’s Singles: Silver
  • 2022 US National Table Tennis Championships Men’s Doubles: Bronze
  • 2022 Butterfly Puerto Rico Open Teams: Gold
  • 2022 LA Open Open Singles: Bronze
  • 2021 US National Men’s Singles: Gold
  • 2021 888 Teams Championships: Gold

$125/Session (55 mins)

$188/Session (85 mins)

* For Zhou Xin’s 10-pack, you may inquire with our front desk personnel or email us at [email protected]