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Ready to get off the bench and compete? Join one of the best table tennis leagues in the Bay Area!

Register now through Omnipong for the 888 League!

2024 Summer League (Starts June 16th)

 The 888 TTC Summer League starts June 16th. Players will compete over the 10-week season for great prizes, including custom 888 TTC gift cards!


888 LEAGUES are open to all. League players must be USA Table Tennis Basic Members. USATT membership can be purchased at 888 TTC or directly from USATT here.

Important Entry Information

There is no check-in process. Once you are signed up and paid for the week, you are in.

Unless you have been assigned a rating by the League Director, unrated league players must arrive no later than 3:00pm on the day of their first league match.

If you have already registered but cannot play, an email should be sent before 2pm on Sunday to [email protected]. We do not want to penalize players for emergency withdrawals, but we reserve the right to do so should it be necessary.

Late entries after the registration deadline (Saturday, 11:59pm) can be requested in person/by email to [email protected] before 12pm on Sunday.

One last thing: Please make sure that you select and enter the “Open Singles RR” (Member or Non-Member) event at when you go through the registration process and double check if you are listed on the player’s list for that week.

Playing Format

Each week, players will be divided into giant round robin groups of 4-6 players based on USATT League Ratings. The winner of each group will advance to the next higher group the following week.

The League Director will provide an estimated League Rating for new players.

All matches are best-of-five games to 11. There is no single elimination.


The 10-week 2024 888 TTC Summer League schedule will start on Sunday, June 16th. League play starts at 3:30pm every week. There will be no league on July 21 and July 28 due to the WTT Youth Contender and 888 Silicon Valley Open.

Entry and Fees

Weekly Entry Fee                                     Season Pass (all 10 weeks)
888 TTC Member: $18                                    $50
Non-Member:         $18                                    $140

Buy A Season Pass and Save!

Reminder: Even if you have a season pass, you still need to register each week through Omnipong to secure your spot.

Late fee – $10 (entries after Saturday but before 12pm Sunday)

Platinum and Gold members receive free entry (weekly fee or season pass)

How to Enter

Players must enter weekly at 888 TTC or before 12:00am, Sunday. Entries will not be confirmed without payment.

Players are encouraged, but not required, to enter every week.

Entries will not be accepted after the deadline on OmniPong: Sunday, 11:59am. Late entries (After Saturday but before 12pm Sunday) are subject to a $10 additional fee.

Reminder: Even if you have a season pass, you still need to register each week through Omnipong to secure your spot.

Season-Long Points System

Every week players will earn points based on order of finish in your group. The winner of each group will earn 5 points, 2nd place 4 points, 3rd place 3 points, 4th place 2 points, and 5th-7th one point.

Prizes and Awards
At the end of the season, the top points earners will receive prizes and awards! The more you play, the better chance you have to win!

2024 Summer League - Week 1 Results (June 16th 2024)

Group 1 Winner: Xianyao He
Full Group 1 Results

Group 2 Winner: Tanish Balamurugan
Full Group 2 Results

Group 3 Winner: Anagha Kasichainula
Full Group 3 Results

Group 4 Winner: Wenbin Cao
Full Group 4 Results

Group 5 Winner: Andrew Wong
Full Group 5 Results

Group 6 Winner: Shenil Dodhia
Full Group 6 Results

Group 7 Winner: Raghav Aggarwal
Full Group 7 Results

Group 8 Winner: Riley Woo
Full Group 8 Results

Group 9 Winner: Jenna Kiyasu
Full Group 9 Results

Group 10 Winner: Shoujin Wang
Full Group 10 Results

Group 11 Winner: Akhil Ramakrishnan
Full Group 11 Results

Group 12 Winner: Pyounguk Cho
Full Group 12 Results

Group 13 Winner: Charles Dong
Full Group 13 Results

Group 14 Winner: Dexin Yang
Full Group 14 Results

2024 Spring League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Jenna Kiyasu
2nd Place: Josh Liebling
3rd PlacePyounguk Cho
3rd Place: Dexin Yang
5th Place: Rich Snyder
6th Place: Tony Ma
6th Place: Brian Yeh
8th Place: Mabel Mu
8th Place: Joshua Yuen

2024 Winter League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Benjamin Lo
2nd Place: Alex Liebling
3rd Place: Collin Wang
4rd Place: Tanish Balamurugan
4th Place: Danica Huang
6th Place: Wesley Chen
6th Place: Rich Snyder

2023 Fall League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Eliana Chan
Champion: Aubrey Ong
Champion: Rich Snyder
4rd Place: Ethan Xiao
5th Place: Harry Tan
5th Place: Vivian Wong
5th Place: Sophie Wu
8th Place: Sophia Yang
9th Place: Sanyam Bindal
9th Place: Ron Mester
9th Place: Shyue Ping Ong
9th Place: Yueran Ren

2023 Summer League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Bindal Sanyam
2nd Place: Bindal Parth
3rd Place: Callejas Daniel John
4rd Place: Gautam Amritshyaam
5th Place: Li Michael
6th Place: Woo Rilley
7th Place: Cho Pyounguk
8th Place: Snyder Rich
9th Place: Jin Dapeng
9th Place: Li Zekun

2023 Spring League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Hu Kaden
Champion: Kim Hyungsoo
Champion: Liebling Josh
4rd Place: Cho Pyounguk
5th Place: Banala Pradyun
5th Place: Mai Mason
5th Place: Musthafa Mohammed Yasin
6th Place: Loretizo Lohn Elmer
6th Place: Snyder Rich
6th Place: Wang Collin

2022 Winter League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Kaung Khin
Champion: Max Yang
Champion: Collin Wang
4rd Place: Parth Bindal
4th Place: Vihaan Taneja
6th Place: Sanjay Prasanna
7th Place: Sanyam Bindal
7th Place: Amritshyaam Gautam
9th Place: Xianliang He
10th Place: Alex Liebling

2022 Fall League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Vihaan Taneja
2nd Place: Duan Yuxin
3rd Place: Amritshyaam Gautam
4th Place: Michael Li
5th Place: Kaden Hu
5th Place: Kaung Khin
7th Place: Aarav Desai
7th Place: Nathan Yu
9th Place: Kaylin Xiao

2022 Summer League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Manuel Magat

2nd Place: Caleb Oshinsky, Collin Wang

4th Place: Rajko Gommers, Vincent Guan

6th Place: Yi Ma

7th Place: Max Yang

8th Place: Pyounguk Cho, Aarav Desai, Tushar Garg, Shloak Hiremani

2022 Spring League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Rajko Gommers
2nd Place: Tanvi Desai
3rd Place: Aarav Desai
4th Place: Aditya Singla
5th Place: Kef Noorani
6th Place: Pyounguk Cho
7th Place: Wenbin Cao, Kaylin Xiao
9th Place: Ramon Maxwell
10th Place: Alexander Li, Collin Wang, Max Yang

2021/22 Winter League Final Results (Top Finishers)

Champion: Rajko Gommers
2nd Place: Vincent Guan
3rd Place: Xiaohua Cui
4th Place: Felix Li, Weihong (Henry) Situ
6th Place: Jinchang Chen, Xue Ming Feng, Michael Wong
9th Place: Nikhil Chawla
10th Place: Alexander Li, Henry Wu

Intermediate Table Tennis

WEDNESDAYS 6:00pm – 8:00pm
SATURDAYS 3:30pm – 6:00pm

More Info

Let’s keep improving! After learning the fundamentals as a beginner, this class will continue your training. With a focus on level-appropriate individual drills, multi-ball training and additional physical conditioning, this class will take you to the next level!