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Training Program by ITDP

by 888 International Talent Development Program (ITDP)

Join our high-level program where top US players gather to practice, prepare for crucial events, and enhance their skills together. Guided by professional high-performance coaches, you’ll have the opportunity to grow and reach the national level of play. Don’t miss out on this chance for improvement and success!

Players rated 2200 and under, please request coach permission at [email protected].

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ITDP Players

2 Training Sessions / Day

Morning & Afternoon

What’s Included:

  • Technical Training
  • Physical Training
  • Mental Strength Training
  • Video Analysis
  • Complimentary league participation every Sunday

World Elite Coach

Park Ji-Hyun

  • Korea Women’s National Team Head Coach
  • 2x Asian Games Team Gold Medalists
  • Korea Junior & Cadet National Team Head Coach
  • Korea Junior & Cadet National Team High Performance Director

We conducted interviews with top US players:

  • Sid Naresh — US Men’s National Team
  • Nandan Naresh — USA #1 in Men’s & U19 teams
  • Lily Zhang — 3x Olympian, 6x US National Champion

They shared their opinions about the coaching team, the skill level of players participating in 888 camps, and the club’s overall approach.

After the camp the USA team won gold in the Women’s category and bronze in the Men’s at the Pan American Games in Santiago!

The journey to becoming a Pan American Champion

Rachel Sung, the Pan American Games Champion who secured gold in both the Team and Doubles events at the PanAm Games 2023 in Santiago, shares her experience during the prep camp a couple of days before the start.





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