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Press Release

Bay Area’s 888 Table Tennis Center Earns Prestigious Designation as USA National Training Center for Table Tennis

Burlingame, CA, April 23rd, 2024 — In a significant milestone for table tennis in the United States, 888 Table Tennis Center (888 TTC) proudly announces its designation as the official USA National Training Center for the sport. This acknowledgment cements 888 TTC as the premier table tennis facility in America, providing an unrivaled training ground for elite athletes and fostering the growth of table tennis in the broader Bay Area community.

Facility Overview: A New Home for the U.S. National Team

Situated in Burlingame, the 30,000 square foot 888 TTC facility stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence in table tennis. The official partnership with USA Table Tennis designates 888 TTC as the national training center, making it the home for U.S. National Team Members preparing for international competitions, including the upcoming Summer Games in Paris.

888 TTC offers world-class training and playing conditions, attracting athletes of all skill levels. From Olympic competitors to recreational enthusiasts and newcomers to the sport, the facility is designed to cater to the diverse table tennis community. This milestone ensures that our U.S. National Team now has a home that matches the infrastructure enjoyed by top athletes worldwide.