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Press Release

888 Table Tennis Launches International Talent Development Program (ITDP) at New U.S. National Training Center

Burlingame, CA, May 1st 2024 – 888 Table Tennis, the newly established U.S. National Training Center, today announced the launch of an International Talent Development Program (ITDP). Spearheaded by renowned national coach Park Ji-Hyun, the ITDP aims to cultivate the next generation of elite table tennis players in the U.S. to compete on a global scale.

The ITDP combines world class coaching talent with state-of-the-art facilities, providing athletes with access to critical resources that enables their pursuit of excellence and championships.

Drawing from his illustrious coaching and playing career, coach Park Ji-Hyun brings unparalleled expertise and insight at the highest levels of the sport to the aspiring athletes at 888 Table Tennis.

As an athlete, coach Park Ji-Hyun earned gold medals at esteemed events including the Asian Games and Australia Open. As a coach, coach Park Ji-Hyun’s extensive accomplishments include nurturing top talents, including Jeoung Young Sik, An Jaehyun, Shin Yubin, Kim NaYeong, and So Hyowon, who have excelled on the world stage.

Prior to coaching at 888 Table Tennis, coach Park Ji-Hyun was the High Performance Director of the Korea National Team for both women’s and men’s divisions from 2017 to 2022. He was also the head coach for all Korean National Team players under 18 during the same period. From 2013 to 2016 coach Park Ji-Hyun served as head coach of the Korea Women’s National Team, leading players and teams to multiple gold medals in prestigious international tournaments, including the World Championships and Asian Championships.

Additionally, his coaching prowess extended to the Yemen National Team, where he served as a missionary for seven years. He led the Yemen National Team from ground zero to historic victories in the Arab Table Tennis Championship.

888 Table Tennis is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive training environment, attracting elite players from around the globe. Currently, the center hosts members of the Australian, Canadian, Filipino, St. Lucian and Barbados National Teams, in addition to the burgeoning talent of the U.S. National Team.

For more information about the International Talent Development Program at 888 Table Tennis, visit