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October 19-27 , 2023

Rating > 2300

Join to train in the best HP camp in the country with the top rated US players and the Korean & the Australian National Team members

Compete Together, Improve Together!

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Email [email protected] to enquire!

World Elite Main Coach

Park Ji-Hyun

  • Korea Women’s National Team Head Coach
  • 2x Asian Games Team Gold Medalists
  • Korea Junior & Cadet National Team Head Coach
  • Korea Junior & Cadet National Team High Performance Director

2-3 Training Sessions / Day:

Morning, Afternoon, Evening


What’s Included:

  • Technical Training
  • Physical Training
  • Mental Strength Training
  • Video Analysis
  • Complimentary league participation every Sunday
Rates Per Person

  • $75 per session

Check out the top-rated players

US players, as well as members of the Korean and Australian National Teams will be participating in the camp.


  • Nandan Naresh – USA #1 in Men’s & U19 team,
  • Aditya Sareen – WR #16,
  • Hwan Bae – Aus Ntnl. team member,
  • Won Bae – Aus Ntnl. team member,
  • Kang Hyun Sung – Korean Ntnl. team member.
  • Park Jun Hui – Korean Ntnl. team member.
  • Kim Yeon Gyu – Top 4 Korean middle school players.
  • Kim Jong Beom – Top 8 Korean high-school players.

Email [email protected] to enquire!

*Lower rated players may join with coaches permission

Highly Rated Players