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2024 Silicon Valley Championships

Join us for three days of competition at 888 TTC! Our USATT sanctioned 4-star tournament features 29 EVENTS and OVER $11,000 IN CASH AND PRIZES


February 17-19

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Why is it worth it to play in the 888 Tournaments?


  • A lot of events ranging from top-rated to beginner and recreational events
  • Exciting prizes in cash and gift cards.
  • Opportunity to watch top international-level players from around the world
  • Be part of a massive event with over 250 participants
  • Develop a sports spirit and learn sportsmanship
  • Showcase everything you have been learning before
  • Food & Beverage service

Check out the video from the previous 888 Tournament where many top international players took part:


  • Knight Tyrese (Barbados National Team)
  • Yubeen Han (California State Champion 2023)
  • Nikhil Kumar (US Olympian 2020)
  • Dan Liu (Former US National Coach)
  • Nandan Naresh (US #1 National Player)

Competition Dates and Times

Saturday, February 17         5:30pm – 9pm
Sunday, February 18    9am – 9pm
Monday, February 19      9am – 9pm

Competition Format

Singles Events will be played in the Round Robin format, with groups of 4-5 players with the top-one or top-two finishers advancing to single elimination rounds. Unrated players may not advance to SE except rating events under 500.

Doubles Events will be played in single elimination or round robin format depending on the number of teams. Unrated players may only play if assigned an estimated rating by the Tournament Committee. Maximum rating (per player) for doubles events: U4800 – 2650; U3200 – 2050; U2000 – 1400

*The Tournament Committee may assign an estimated rating for an unrated player prior to the start of an event.

All matches are best-of-five, except the Open Singles Semi Finals and Final which will be best-of-seven. Cash prizes are distributed through either Venmo or PayPal.

General Policies

All USATT regulations apply including dress code.
No prizes awarded for splits, dumps, defaults, or no- shows. USATT approved tie-breaking procedures will be used. Events may be modified at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. All decisions are final.

Ratings as of January 13, 2024 will be used for eligibility. Rating on February 16th will be used for seeding.

Other Policies

Players may enter no more than six (6) rated events and two (2) age events; and no more than three events on the same day. Players may not enter more than one event with the same starting time.

ALL entry fees paid are non-refundable as of February 10, 2024. All entries canceled before February 10, 2024 are subject to a $15 processing fee. No exceptions.

Events may be canceled or combined for insufficient entries, or other reasons, at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. If an event is canceled, the entry fee will be refunded.


Final Results

Venue Information

888 Table Tennis Center
888 Hinckley Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

Entry Fee and Deadlines


Entries not paid-in-full by the entry deadline will be removed from the draw. No exceptions.

Final entry deadline is February 10th, 2024 (5:00pm PDT). The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept late entries based on availability, however there will be a $10 late entry fee.

All players must show proof of membership with USATT at the time of registration. Players not holding a current USATT membership must include their USATT registration or renewal fees along with their tournament event fees when submitting payment.

Tournament Officials

Tournament Director: Dido Dutta & Yau-Man Chan
Referee: Yelena Karshtedt, IR/IU
Tournament Committee: Dido Dutta, Yau-Man Chan, Yelena Karshtedt.

Equipment and Playing Conditions

Tables: 25 Butterfly Centrefold (Blue)
Balls: Xiom BRAVO 40+ ITTF Approved (White)
Flooring: Enlio ITTF Approved Purple, Wood subfloor

Player Registration and Check-In

The venue will open for warming up at 8:00AM on February 17-19. Players must arrive at least thirty minute prior to the start of their match.

The Tournament Committee may modify the format of any event based on the number of entries.

The Referee reserves the right to default a player not present at match start time for any event.

The tournament has a limited number of players for each event. Complete entries with payment are processed in the order received. Once an event is full (based on a target number set at the discretion of the Tournament Director), that event will be closed and no further entries accepted. Entering early will give you a better chance of getting into an event before it is full. Entries will not be considered confirmed until payment in full is received.