Rajko Gommers

Rajko Gommers


Born and raised in Etten-Leur in the Netherlands, Rajko his interest in sports started by playing soccer. Eventually, because both of his parents played table tennis at the time, Rajko joined the local club TTC Tanaka at the age of 8.

From this point on Rajko steadily grew as a player and at age 12 joined the High Performance Program for Table Tennis in Rotterdam where he practiced for three years. After three years in this program, Rajko joined the club Scyedam where he made his highest league (Eredivisie) debut at the age of 16 and would practice full-time with his teammates. During this time Rajko received numerous selections for various international tournaments including 5 European Youth Championships and 1 World Youth Championship.

After graduating high school Rajko moved to the Olympic Training Center in Arnhem where he would become a full time professional player. In these 2 years at the Olympic Training Center Rajko played for the Dutch club Taverzo with whom he won two league titles and one Cup and achieve several noteworthy results on the European podium.

At the age of 20, Rajko moved to Leuven (Belgium) to combine his university studies (Japanese Studies) and professional table tennis. For the last 6 years Rajko practiced in Leuven full time with Flemish (Belgian) National Team members and continued playing on the international podium by playing for example 5 World Championships and 6 European Championships for the Dutch National Team.

Starting in the summer of 2018 Rajko came into contact with the American Table Tennis scene, where he would spend his summers practicing, competing and coaching promising players. Because of wins against several high ranking players within the US, Rajko currently holds a 2700+ rating. From the fall of 2018, Rajko started working as an event coach, where he would coach and accompany USATT National Team members when they were in Europe to play tournaments on the Youth Pro Tour which led considerable results.

Now Rajko has decided to change his priorities and put all his energy into coaching. Where he hopes to use his experiences as a player to guide and coach players to the level they desire to achieve.