Francisco (Chico) Brito

Francisco “Chico” Brito


“Much more than a sport”

That`s Coach Chico’s mantra.

With 43 years of experience playing and coaching table tennis in private and public schools in Brazil and the United States, Coach Chico approaches table tennis as a crucial activity for improving human beings. The game facilitates extreme brain development by rewiring the brain connections, and neuroscience has even proven its effectiveness in treating certain diseases.

During his time in college, Coach Chico focused on biomechanics, physiology, and sports psychology. He also engaged in research partnerships with the University of Sao Paolo, conducting molecular biology research. Additionally, in the early 2000s, Coach Chico worked as a high school chemistry teacher at Colegio Oswaldo Cruz.

While pursuing his academic career, Coach Chico managed his two table tennis academies, training his teams. As a result of his expertise, Coach Chico’s teams achieved several state championships. In 2005, Coach Chico himself became the Under 18 National Champion, and his player, Fabio Paciullo, represented Brazil in international tournaments as a junior national player.

At the 2011 Pan-American Games in Guadalajara, Coach Chico’s students, including Paralympic player Class 10 Carlos Carbinatti, won two gold medals in singles and doubles.

In 2016, in Las Vegas, Coach Chico claimed the title of US National Champion while coaching Sid and Nandan Naresh at the US Nationals. After spending five years coaching in the Chicago area, Coach Chico relocated to California and joined the 888 Table Tennis Center with the aim of building a strong and cohesive table tennis community.