Alexandre Gomes

Training Team

Alexandre Gomes, former coach of Olympian and World Ranked Top 20 player Aruna Quadri, lead the National Team of Peru as Head Coach for several years before coming to 888 TTC. A native of Madeira island, coach Alexandre represented the Portuguese National Team at several European Championships before starting his coaching career. Coach Alexandre was a professional player for several years and won several National titles as an athlete till he changed his profession and began to focus primarily on coaching, this time with the Regional Associations of Madeira.Since then, coach Alexandre has established a reputation as a highly skilled and experienced international coach in Europe, Africa and South America, amassing coaching accomplishments like Gold at the European and African Championships. He has been a coach of several Olympians and also to Carlos Fernandez who was No 1 World Ranking in Under 15, in January 2019.Coach Alexandre believes in building strong and positive work relationships with his athletes while striving for common goals by modern training method. He is excited to meet and help players of all levels and skill sets at 888 Table Tennis.