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Math & Science Camps

Our popular math & science camps are back this summer! These camps are led by accredited school teachers with MS Education from top universities such as Stanford. We are covering three camp topics with sessions by age group. These are educational, social and fun camps for grades 1-6!

Add a morning or afternoon Ping Pong camp to make it a full day camp!

Candyland Science

The art of candy making can be as enticing as the taste of candy itself. Generations of chemists and nutritionists have perfected the art of its creation, and we explore the science that hold the secrets to some of your favorite delicious confections you grew up with through making and experimentation with candy. Plus, we will demonstrate some visually stimulating candy phenomena you could do at home with the family. Come taste the rainbow, literally!

Sessions for Grades 1-6!
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Physics of Groovy Sounds

Music has been a fundamental form of human expression and culture since the beginning of time. It can be found in almost all aspects of our lives, but especially when you can create your own! We will learn about and build several instruments while investigating how these invisible vibrations are powered by the physics of sound. No need to be a musician, simply come to unlock beautiful music in ways you may have never thought possible.

Sessions for Grades 1-6!
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Electrifying Attractions

Electromagnets are ubiquitous, even in history, from communicating the first words through telegraphs to powering our largest communities and cities. This physics phenomenon has shaped humanity’s progress and is the reason we have advanced so far in our civilization. Even now, engineers continue to discover new ways to harness the power of it to invent incredible technology that improve and simplify our lives. Come explore the wonderful world of electromagnetism, and maybe you will figure out the next big idea to become our world’s next Nikola Tesla!

Sessions for Grades 1-6!
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Meet our lead instructors

“888 Math and Science blew away my expectations! The math portion was structured in a way such that the difficulty ramped up each day, and there were fun challenges everywhere. The science portion was also very eye-opening and I gained a deeper understanding of climate change through the class. 888 also provided problems and materials that would not normally be available through school. I recommend this for anybody looking for a rich supplement to their academic life!”

N. WongCastilleja School

"We wanted to let you know what a great time Gia had at the camp.
Math: considering different approaches and solutions. She greatly valued learning this approach and the problems they discussed in class.
Science: she really liked the teacher and the topics. She was interested in them and found them engaging.
Cohorts: she valued the other kids that were in the class, both for the quality of engagement."

A. GuptaParent of rising 10th grader at Crystal Springs Uplands School

“888's math and science camp has helped rekindle my love for math, and sparked a deeper interest in the science behind climate change for me as well! The instructors are kind, approachable, and flexible, and are always willing to answer our numerous questions or make adjustments to the curriculum if we have feedback or new topics we want to learn about. Throughout the camp I've been pushed to approach problems in a new way, learned new statistics that have pushed me to think critically about our current world, and bonded with my classmates over various "aha!" moments and discussions. I'm so glad I've had the chance to be a part of this camp, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a challenge and learning new things!"

C. WongCastilleja School

"I had a great time at 888 TTC's Math/Science summer camp! I truly enjoyed how the teachers used fun activities to teach us challenging material. The Tragedy of the Commons activity was incredibly useful in learning about climate change, economics, and even modern-day global politics! I deeply enjoyed my time at camp, and would definitely go again!"

S. Changrising 10th grader, Crystal Springs Uplands School

"My daughter had a great time at the Math and Science camp portion of 888TTC's summer camp! She often came back home raving about the activities and how the teachers integrated high-level, current material into fun activities. Most importantly, she learned new concepts every day while enjoying the process. Don't miss the exhibition day towards the end of the camp! I highly recommend this program."

A. ChungParent of rising 10th grader, Crystal Springs Uplands School

**CANCELLATION POLICY: We allow cancellations with full refund up to 30 days before the camp starts. Between 14-30 days prior to the camp session we offer a full refund in 888 credit.