Pieke Franssen


Pieke Franssen, currently a USA National Team Coach and Chair of the Coaching Committee for USA Table Tennis, got his start in coaching early.
A native of the Netherlands, coach Pieke began by coaching his seven-year-old neighbor at the local table tennis club, building him into the first ever Dutch National Champion in the club’s history.
Coach Pieke was an accomplished player in his career, ranking in the top 8 players in his country until he was 18, as well as #15 until he turned 25 — which was when he began to focus primarily on coaching, this time with the Dutch Youth National Team.
Since then, coach Pieke has established a reputation as one of the most credentialed coaches in Europe, amassing coaching accomplishments like gold at the European Youth Championships (Junior Girl’s Singles), Quarterfinals at the World Team Championships (Women’s Teams), gold at the European Championships (Singles and Teams), and gold at the European Top 12 (Women’s singles). He has been a coach at many World Championships, European Championships, and at 2 Olympic Games (2004 in
Athens, and 2008 in Beijing).
However, his true passion has always been in developing players — regardless of what their level may be. In his own words, coach Pieke says that what excites him about being a coach is allowing players to reach their own maximum potential. He is equally as effective coaching beginners as he is with Olympians, which his accomplishments since moving to the Bay Area have shown: after 3 years of building players in the Bay Area, coach Pieke was named USATT Development Coach of the Year in 2017.
He has produced several National Team players and is excited to continue working with players of all levels and skill sets at 888 Table Tennis.

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