Francisco (Chico) Brito


Chico has been coaching table tennis for over 25 years. He was invited by the Brazilian National Association to join a program called “Table Tennis in the Schools”  to focus on promoting mass adoption of table tennis as a part of the education system. In five years, Chico introduced table tennis to more than 30,000 students resulting in a table tennis program with 600 players in his home town.
Chico later trained a team in his home country that won the Regional Championship nine times and also won a State Championship.  Players from his team qualified for the Brazilian National Team, and one of them became the National Junior Champion in 2005.
Chico is moved to the United States in 2015 and coached in Chicago, as well as Milwaukee. Two of the players he worked with became US National Team members in their age categories.  Chico is excited to join 888 TTC and to continue promoting table tennis in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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