888 LEAGUES are open to all. League players must be USA Table Tennis Basic Members. USATT membership can be purchased at 888 TTC or directly from USATT here


The 10-week 888 TTC 2022 Summer League schedule will start on Sunday, July 10th and conclude on Sunday, September 11th.  League play starts at 2:00pm every week.


Players must enter weekly at 888 TTC or OmniPong.com by 5:00pm each Saturday. Entries will not be confirmed without payment. 

Players are encouraged, but not required, to enter every week.

Entries will be accepted after the deadline on a space-available basis. Players will be added to a wait list and informed by 11am on Sunday if space is available. Late entries are subject to a $5 additional fee.


Weekly Entry Fee                                     Season Pass (all 10 weeks)
888 TTC Member: $5                              $40           
Non-Member: $15                                    $120

Buy A Season Pass and Save!

Platinum and Gold members receive free entry (weekly fee or season pass)


Each week, players will be divided into giant round robin groups of 5-7 players based on USATT League Ratings. The winner of each group will advance to the next higher group the following week.

The League Director will provide an estimated League Rating for new players.

All matches are best-of-five games to 11. There is no single elimination.


Every week players will earn season ranking points based on order of finish in your group. The winner of each group will earn 5 points, 2nd place 4 points, 3rd place 3 points, 4th place 2 points, and 5th-7th one point.

At the end of the season, the top -10 points earners will receive prizes and awards! The more you play, the better chance you have to win!10


Players must enter and pay weekly online at www.OmniPong.com or in person at 888 TTC latest by 5:00pm on Saturday. Entries will not be confirmed without payment.

Check in and arrival on Sunday latest till 1:30pm. We strongly suggest to come even earlier to guarantee you get it done in time since based on experience most people came last minute which leads to time constraints.

Unless you have been assigned a rating by the League Director, unrated league players must arrive no later than 1:00pm on the day of their first league match.

Late arrivals after 1:30pm (but before 2pm) will only be accepted by sending an email for checking in to [email protected] before 1:30pm. Payment must have been done already in advance.

If you have already registered but cannot play, an email should be sent before 12pm on Sunday to [email protected].


In order to preserve a good league experience for all players, any player who is a no show or defaults without a valid reason will be barred from attending the league for the next 3 league weeks. Anyone who has paid for the season will not be refunded. 

You just need to maintain courtesy and respect to the players to stay in – we believe that is a fair expectation.

Late entries after the registration deadline can by requested by email to [email protected] before 12pm on Sunday.

One last thing: Please make sure that you select and enter the “Open Singles RR” (Member or Non-Member) event at www.omnipong.com when you go through the registration process and double check if you are listed on the player’s list for that week.

View current USATT League Ratings
as of June 12, 2022 league matches