friday, december 3 - results

Veterans 40 – 59 Men’s Singles   RR  SE
Winner: Martin Rogers

Veterans 50-59 Men’s Singles  RR     SE
Winner: James Goodwin III

Veterans 60-69 Singles  RR     SE
Winner: George Guo

Veterans 70+ Singles  RR     SE
Winner: Richard McAfee

Veterans 40 – 59 Womens’ Singles  RR (no SE)
Winner: Seema Cavale

Veterans 60+ Women’s Singles  RR (no SE)
Winner: Donna Sakai

Veterans 40-59 Men’s Doubles  RR     SE
Vinay Chadra/Martin Rogers

Veterans 60+ Men’s Doubles  RR     SE
Winners: Kenneth Fung/Stephen Lai

Veterans 40-59 Mixed Doubles  RR     SE
Winners: George Guo, Wenday Wang

Veterans 60+ Mixed Doubles  RR
Winners: Minhua Zhu, Wendy Wang

Random Draw Men’s Doubles  SE
Winners: Andre Aguirre/Jiufeng Zhao

Under 250 Singles  RR  SE
Winner: Noel Rico

Women’s Open Singles  RR (no SE)
Winner: Nina Mittelham

Under 4200 Doubles  SE
Winners: Matthew Lehmann/Rajendran Sivasankaran


Open Singles    RR    SE
Winner: Lei Kou

Open Doubles    SE
Winner: Lei Kou/Tianru Zhamg

Under 2350      RR     SE
Winner: Ishaan Mahendrakar

Under 2150 Singles        RR     SE
Winner: Tony Tan

Under 1900 Singles    RR     SE
Winner: Jace Jackson

Under 1750 Adult Singles     RR     SE
Winner: Jingsheng Li

Under 1750 Youth Singles    RR     SE
Winner: Vishal Sivakumar

Under 1600 Adult Singles     RR     SE
Winner: Milan Kovac

Under 1600 Youth Singles    RR     SE
Winner: Vishal Sivakumar

Under 1250 Adult Singles     RR     SE
Winner: Christopher Zutler

Under 1250 Youth Singles    RR (no SE)
Winner: Mihir Herlekar

Under 500 Singles   RR     SE
Winner: Vibhu Bharatwaj    

Sunday, DEcember 5 - results

Under 2600 Singles     RR     SE
Winner: Nina Mittelham

Under 2450 Singles     RR     SE
Winner: Aziz Zarehbin

Under 2250 Singles     RR     SE
Winner: Olivier Bernard

Under 2050 Singles     RR    SE
Winner: Kef Noorani

Under 1450 Adult Singles     RR     SE
Winner: Jane Chong

Under 1450 Youth Singles    RR (no SE)
Winner: Nikhil Chawla

Under 1000 Adult Singles     RR    SE
Winner: Ruichen Zhao

Under 1000 Youth Singles     RR    SE
Winner: Shrirnag Krishnaprasad

Under 750 Singles     RR     SE
Winner: Nathan Yu

Under 2000 Doubles    SE
Winners: Mihir Herlekar/Shrirang Krishnaprasad 


Friday, December 3 10am – 9pm
Saturday, December 4 9am – 9pm
Sunday, December 5 9am – 7pm


888 Table Tennis Center
888 Hinckley Road
Burlingame, CA 94010


Veterans Events (Events 1-21) will be played in WVC format. Round robin groups of 4 players, top-two finishers advancing to the Championship SE Draw, bottom two finishers advance to the SE Consolation Draw. When possible USATT ratings will be used for seedings, however the Tournament Committee reserves the right to estimate ratings for players that do not have USATT ratings.

Singles Events (Events 22-44) will be played in a Super Round Robin format. Round robin groups of 5 players, top-two finishers advancing to SE. Unrated players may not advance to SE except in the Open, Under 1000, Under 750, Under 500, and Under 250/Novice event.

Doubles Events (Events 45-47) will be played in single elimination format.

All matches are best-of-five, except the Open Semi-Finals and Finals which will be best-of-seven.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify the competition format based on the number of entries.


$100 Veterans events (events 1-21), includes one singles and two doubles events.
$75 for Open Singles (event 22)

$60 per singles rating event (events 23 – 44)
$30 per person for doubles events.
Additional $10 per player registration fee

Early Entry Bonus – save $10 per rating event ($5 per doubles event) if you enter and pay before November 1!

Entries not paid-in-full by the entry deadline will be removed from the draw. No exceptions.

Entry deadline is Sunday, November 28, 2021 (5:00pm PDT). The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept late entries based on availability, however there will be a $10 late entry fee.

All players must show proof of membership with USATT at the time of registration. Players not holding a current USATT membership must include their USATT registration or renewal fees along with their tournament event fees when submitting payment.


In our continued commitment to athletes over the age of 50, 888 TTC is pleased to announce its partnership with the Bay Area Senior Games and Encore Games. Veterans events 1-21 (except those that include athletes 40-49) are sanctioned by the 2021 Encore Games, and will serve as qualifying events for the 2022 National Senior Games in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (May 10 – 23, 2022).

The Encore Games are part of the California Senior Games and provide athletes the joy and fun of competition. The 2021 Encore Games, due to covid restrictions, have conducted competitions in Volleyball, Basketball, Pickleball, Archery, Golf, Swimming and Track and Field and are open to all athletes 50 years and older.


The 2021 888 TTC Winterfest Table Tennis Tournament is a private event. All participants and their guests must comply with 888 TTC’s COVID-19 Policies and Procedures, which can be found here

Each tournament participant may bring one coach or guest, who must pre-register via email at [email protected] no later than Wednesday, December 1st. 

Tournament participants under 18 years of age may also bring one parent or guardian, who must also pre-register via email at [email protected] no later than Wednesday, December 1st.

There will be no exceptions.


All USATT regulations apply including dress code. No prizes awarded for splits, dumps, defaults, or no-shows. USATT approved tie-breaking procedures will be used. Events may be modified at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. All decisions are final.

For Youth ratings events, eligible players must be born on or after January 1, 2002. For Adult ratings, events, eligible players must be born on or before December 31, 2001.

For Veterans events, singles events will be based on age as of January 1, 2021. For doubles, events will be based on the lowest age of the doubles partner.

Minimum rating to enter Open Singles is 2000.

Ratings as of November 6, 2021 will be used for eligibility.
Ratings as of November 27, 2021 will be used for seeding.


Tournament Director: Yau-Man Chan
Referee: Yelena Karshtedt, IR/IU
Tournament Committee: Yau-Man Chan, Pieke Franssen, Yelena Karshtedt, Joerg Bitzigeio

Tables: Butterfly Centrefold (Blue)
Balls: Xiom Bravo ITTF 3* (White)
Flooring: Enlio ITTF Approved Purple, Wood subfloor

The venue will open for registration at 8:30am on Friday, December 3 and at 7:30am on Saturday, December 4. Players must register at least one (1) hour prior to the start of their first event.


Players may enter no more than six (6) events; and no more than three events on the same day. Players may not enter more than one event with the same starting time.

ALL entry fees paid are non-refundable as of Sunday, November 14, 2021. In order to withdraw/claim a refund prior to that date, a written withdrawal request must be submitted to the Tournament Director. Please include your name, phone number and the event(s) you with to be withdrawn from. A $10 administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds (except those for cancelled events).

Events may be cancelled or combined for insufficient entries, or other reasons, at the discretion of the Tournament Director. If an event is cancelled, the entry fee will be refunded.


The Referee reserves the right to default a player not present at match start time for any event.

The tournament has a limited number of players for each event. Complete entries with payment are processed in the order received. Once an event is full (based on a target number set at the discretion of the Tournament Director), that event will be closed and no further entries accepted. Entering early will give you a better chance of getting into an event before it is full.

All participants must comply fully with USATT and 888 TTC’s COVID-19 policies and procedures at the time of the event.


Players are encouraged to enter online at

You may also enter on-site at 888 TTC, 888 Hinckley Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. Download entry form here.

Mail-in entries will be accepted if received no later than 5:00pm on Friday, November 26th. 

All entries must be paid-in-full by the entry deadline to be included in the draws. Please check the tournament page on to confirm your entry (if entered by mail or in person).


Click here to view the schedule of events, entry fees, and prizes/awards.

Please note 888 TTC Gift cards are valid only at 888 TTC.

The tournament committee reserves the right to alter, changed, or amend the time schedule up to forty-eight hours before the start of the tournament. Participants will be notified of any changes at the earliest possible time.